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Notable Notes 3: A Look at AC Inverters for Off-Grid Power

Starting with a Note… I started this Notes series as a way to redirect readers to worthwhile articles and info sources. Sort of what you do when you share a post in Facebook. I strive for original content, so this method allows me to avoid informing readers of the good stuff out there without having to synthesize a new article of my own.


On the subject matter now, recently I stumbled on 2 articles on Inverters and the way to apply them for off-grid (read that as emergency also) power. They are on the Off-Grid HAM blog. Check them out!

AC Inverters For Off Grid Power, Part 1

AC Inverters For Off Grid Power, Part 2


Notable Notes 2: ITS Tactical on Communications Basics

About a year ago ITS Tactical run a series of articles focused on what the options are for the novice communicator. Here they are:






Notable Notes 1: A Typical Short Wave Radio Setup

CommsPreper is always of good source of descriptive videos on Field/Survival Communications and this one is no exception.

In a short time he demonstrates the parts and the setup of a field radio station.

Briefly described, he uses a HF radio connected to a laptop running RMS Express, a (digital) text messaging app. Usually there should be a modem like device between the too, called TNC, that transforms the digital PC signal to Analog and vice versa.

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