Month: April 2018

Radio Gear Organization – The Small Kits Method

Some time ago I organized my radio gear in small kits.

Each one is completely self contained, including all relevant items.

i.e. The wire dipole kit contains both the antenna, its coax cable, possible coax adaptors, plus the necessary cord, zipties etc to mount the antenna. That method requires a lot of duplicate items (i.e. coax cables) and material, but it is easy to use without worrying about forgotten items. let alone there is lot of redundancy in the system, a fetish of mine.

Now it is time for labeling the contents in each bag plus coloring for fast access.


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HAMsmithing – Collapsible Yagi Antenna Proof of Concept

Years go I started an ambitious project. to make a collapsible Yagi antenna that its parts would store inside a section of the cylindrical boom. After making a working model of it on a piece of 1×2 wood length I put it on the hold cos I was not satisfied with the way the driven elements would attach.

One step forward by and I have this.


Motherboard Standoff/Risers, screws, ring terminals and nesting sections of PVC pipe.

I just hope it will not take a year more to finish it.