Radio Communications Musings no2.

Building a Communications Network.

When building a communications network, one must answer 3 basic questions which form one of those dreaded decision triangles.



and Who.

What is the purpose and object (what signals must be exchanged, text or e-mail maybe?)

Where is related to the distance to be covered, and the availability of interconnected stations that will cover the area or may act as relays.

Distance in radio communications dictates methods and material. UHF, VHF or HF. But this messes up with the Who.

Who are the operators, the members of the network.

The thing is, the harder the conditions and the comms equipment demands, the scarcer the able operators become. Efficient use of HF radio is not taught in a two day class, it requires practice. And not all people are up to such complex dedicated tasks/hobbies.

As expected decisions must be made. And compromises.

(In such cases having mobile phone and internet coverage –as a backup- is not that bad an idea. Just musing…)


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