Charging your Kenwood or Yaesu radio with USB power

If you are an owner of Kenwwod or Yaesu handheld radio, or anyone that accepts a charging input of 12V, then you might try this:


The item regarding, is a USB to 10V adapter made for the Baofeng cradle charger. Its power plug is a 5.5×2.1 one. Then one can add an adapter cable for the plug his radio uses (the Kenwood one is 3.5×1.35mm). And have a way to charge from any USB port.

I have not taken full measurements, but the adapter draws 580mA from the USB port, which a bit  more than the USB2.0 standard, but well inside the USB3.0 1Amp specs.

Caution! Your radio may not charge cos the adapter’s 9-10.8V output is usually lower than specs. But my TH-F7 does and for the price of the cable it worths trying.

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Bonus item,


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