The Standardized Prepper Coded Matrix

In 2012 the Catastrophe Network published what they called The Standardized Prepper Coded Matrix (SPCM). The Catastrophe Network is no more, but luck has it that I kept the SPCM in my archive.

TCNScreen Capture of the Original Post.

It is an encryption table for coding key words related to prepping. Each user has a daily, consumable copy of, and uses the column and line marks that correspond to the word needed, instead of the word itself.

In more detail, if one is to say “OK” he will read XI, X from the lines and I from the columns.Encryption can be further enhanced if the user reads off a predetermined amount of lines and columns. In example, the group may settle for a +2/+1 shift so “OK” will be codified as ZJ. And that can change within the day to protect the code from the interception or compromise of the table itself.

The idea is not new, it is based on the Slidex Code, or it may be even older than that.

But the SPCM is only a starting point. You can easily make your own (and you must do this daily for security reasons) the way it fits you.

you can download the Standardized Prepper Coded Matrix from my Mediafire account.

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