Easy DIY VHF Antennas with the BNC Male to Banana Jack Connector

In this short piece I will exploring the uses of the BNC Male to Banana Jack Connector in VHF antenna building.

It is a very controversial item cos it allows easy connection of the antenna elements, has a build-in coax connector, is stout enough for field work, and has also 2 mounting holes to pass your wire or paracord through. Practically you can build anything with it as long as you can cut and strip some wire.

Unfortunately I am too  occupied with lesser stuff to make and tune the actual antennas, so please make do with their simulations and a few comments.

The Vertical Dipole


One will needed  pieces of solid copper wire 1-1.5mm thick. The screw connector locks them tight enough to not let you pull them through with any force.

Update 7/30/2016. I just found out that another guy, Andrew VK1AD, has already build such a dipole antenna. Check it out at his blog.

The Wire Dipole Version


In this case one can hang the connector by the top mounting hole and attach a line with a weight on the other. Then he attaches the dipole elements with tape, heat-shrinking tube, a prussik knot, or some bungee cord on the lines. The mounting holes are wide enough for paracord.

The Jungle VHF Antenna (Groundplane)

This is an antenna design/idea taken from the “FM90-5 Jungle Operations” manual. It is a makeshift antenna of the Groundplane category, not alike a mast fixed  base antenna.


A single wire is connected to be the main radiating element and 3 wires make for the Groundplane elements.

Please excuse the reverse wire connections in the demo pictures.

And here is an idea for a frequency adjustable vertical element 😉

s-l1600 (Custom)

For more on the Jungle antenna please visit Brushbeater’s Blog or my take on it.

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