Setting up 2 Radios as a Repeater

There is a good chance that you have already watched at least one of the following Youtube  videos.

Both show how to make a repeater by linking two radios (usually Baofengs). But I am having my reservations about the wiring they use.

This one has it DEFINETELY wrong.Set up a Baofeng UV-5R Repeater System

Similarly,  Miklor’s site shows the same method in detail.

The reason is explained in the second video, but still I cannot get what he is doing with the wiring.

HAM repeater (field expedient) using UV-5R Radios

So let’s take it from the start.
Below is the Kenwood type interface, applicable to most Chinese radios our there (Baofeng and Wouxons for sure).

What we need to use are the MIC +&- and Speaker +&- connections. Watch how the Speaker+ does not reciprocate to the Mic+ pin in a male-male adapter cable.

Bao Pinout 640

Original pinout on the left, and the needed pinout for the repeater om the right. Image source:

And here is a better diagram of the connections.

Audio Cable Wiring 640

So we got to make a custom cable, which I did from scratch.web-IGP3118-640

Which works.web-IGP3110-640

Now if you are not up to soldering, there is an easy way to make your custom cable, using these connectors.

2.5mm Stereo Male To AV Screw Connector

3.5mm Stereo Male To AV Screw Connector


Let us know how you did, and if you can understand the wiring on the second video, drop us a line.

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