My Tupperware Baofeng Radio Kit

First I am cheap. Then I am unemployed. And lastly it is foolish to travel to the next big city to find a padded pelican case and pay for it as much as the kit costs, AND as much for gas money. So an old Tupperware brand food container was used. See, I do try for quality when I can!

So I started with placing a carton sheet on the bottom of the box, and continued by laying the items, and marking the dividers position. Then I removed the carton, made the dividers and glued them on. Then I proceeded with gluing thin packing foam sheet.

With a bit thicker packing foam I covered the bottom of the compartments and I also cut a covering sheet by the same material.

And I ended up with the following. Not pretty, but functional, and easy enough for your kid to do.


Here are the contents arranged.


And one cannot avoid a pic for the gear junkies.


Items in numbers are

  1. My DIY 7.2V battery pack.
  2. My DIY multi-voltage battery eliminator
  3. AAA battery pack
  4. 7.2V cable
  5. 12V alligator clip cable
  6. 12V cigar lighter cable

The rest of the items are easier to define. They are the original antenna, an aftermarket Nagoya longer antenna, an assortment of connectors, a hand mic and the headset that comes with the radio.

BTW the writeup for my DIY power accessories is here.

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One thought on “My Tupperware Baofeng Radio Kit

  1. I love your concept and the creativity. I keep my handheld stuff in a small plastic toolbox. I think it cost $6 at Harbor Freight. I’ve also used metal ammo boxes. They are almost indestructible, and cheap…about $10-$12 at any gun show for a used one. So many options!

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