New Batterypack and Custom UV-5R Battery Eliminator

This is a continuation of two other projects the External Battery Pack for our handheld radios and an improvement on the Battery Eliminator we did for the Bao.


The Battery-Pack / Powerbank

This is a smaller size using two 18650 Lithium-ion rechargables to get the same voltage as the original Baofeng battery.

We have an affinity for the 18650 batteries, mainly because they are easy to handle, they lead the battery technology at the moment, can be cross loaded to other devices such as USB powerbanks, and we have a plenty of, since we are into flashlights too.


We started with an empty DIY USB Powerbank case. The case front was drilled for a fuse holder and an RCA plug.In between them we added a flashlight “forward click” switch that is capable of 3+ Amps. Its position corresponds to the position of the original powerbank’s switch cover.

The battery pack wired and ready for use. (Power-on indication LED will not be added yet)


The battery pack with the batteries added.

Capacity depends on the capacity of shells used and with the current generations pushing at 3500mAh, it is more than double the original battery power.

Connection to the radio is done by a cable (1.5mm thick wiring) with a male RCA connector on one end and a DC 1.35×1.1 on the other.


The Custom UV-5R Battery Eliminator


At some point we removed the cheap components of the Baofeng 12V Battery Eliminator and we installed better wiring and a DC-DC converter.

This time we went one step further, we also added wiring for the 7.2V Battery Pack.


We were concerned with the DC-DC converter seeing voltage on this front end, because both power sources would connect on the same contacts on the adapter. So we search for a suitable 2Amp rated switch. It is an on-off switch but we wired it for input 1 and input 2 instead.

View of the power connection sockets. The one on the left is a 1.35×1.35mm socket for the 12V input, and the one on the right is the 1.31×1.1mm socket for the 7.2V battery pack voltage.


Thank you for reading!

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